Tuesday, March 14, 2017

color of water ch 22- epilogue

"I'm a new christian before god and I'm not living in sin anymore."

I thought this was a  cool quote because he seems to accept himself and because he accepts himself and his decision he feels that he is a new christian and that he is no longer living in sin.

"Well if you don't have it, don't waste gods time."

I didn't realize that it was possible to waste gods time. I feel like god has all of the time in the world so we shouldn't have to worry about the possibility of wasting his time

" even as a young boy i was used to mommy hiding her past, and I grew to accept it..."

I thought it was really sad that he had to accept the fact that his mom hid her past because your parent's past is part of what shapes you so its important that you know as much as possible but its hard to do that and be understanding if they hide from you.

"she stood there for a moment in the downpour thoughtfully, before turning and hurrying toward the car, her bowlegged waddle just the same as it always was"

I thought this was a great way to end the book because she was a huge part in his life and he just happened to notice how adorable she was. 

color of water ch 18-21

" by the time I began my senior year of high school, I knew that I wanted to go to go to college and by a musician of some sort."

I think that it is really cool that going into his senior year he had a plan for his life because I sure it saved him a lot of stress. Being a senior in high school with no plan is really scary because thinking about the future is definitely somewhat upsetting and intimidating because you don't have a set path like the rest of your life has.  

"okay I promise.  I'll stay..."

this quote made me really sad because she made a promise and she not only didn't keep it but she changed her identity as well. I love how she hinted at the end of it that she got back in touch but it's still sad that she had to break that promise.

" if you marry a nigger, don't ever come home again. don't come back"

this quote made me sad because I feel like who you marry shouldn't determine weather you can go home or not. family is the most important thing in my opinion no matter what mistake or choice they may make we should always stand behind them because they are our family. in a perfect world love would always be stronger than hate.

color of water ch 14-17

I can somewhat relate to his grades plummeting after his step father died because when my parents got divorced when I was in eighth grade  my grades were fairly okay until I realized he wasn't coming home again and that I was the only boy in the house other than the cat.

" I had done some wrong things in my life, but I was still my parents child."
I feel like we all have moments like this in our lives but I feel like this was a really big turning point in her life and that it proves that she really did love her parent and she did value their opinion of her .

"the irony was that mommy knew how to drive before she was eighteen"

Honestly it didn't surprise me all that much that she knew how to drive because if she didn't she wouldn't have kept the car and she wouldn't have driven it later on in the book.

color of water ch 9-13

" I couldn't stand being ridiculed. I even changed my name to try to fit in more... nobody liked me. that's how I felt as a child."

I really felt bad for her at this part of the book because she did a lot to try and fit in and to be accepted but people were really mean to her so I understand why she kept her past a secret weather it was a healthy decision for her or not.

"I gobbled down the horrible school lunch. Who cared. It was all I had to eat."

This reminded me of elementary school. I don't know why people were so judgmental toward those who ate school lunch because we didn't know each others  home situation. School lunch has never been amazing but if it was the only thing he had to eat... he had to survive somehow.

''you know, my whole life changed after I fell in love."

Falling in love tends to sound like so much fun but in reality I might just never have fallen in love or when I did "fall in love" it was a bad decision because it wasn't the falling in love that changed me. It was breaking up and feeling crushed and lost and pathetic that changed me...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

judging Gatsby by the cover

  1. The eyes are gold and have shapes in them but i can't figure out what they are
  2. it looks like the head has a bandanna or hat of some sort on it
  3. there really isn't a nose on this face
Contradiction: it looks like the eye to the left if you are looking at the cover is crying but the other one isn't

What was Gatsby's american dream or the american dream of the specific time period?

based on the title I think that Gatsby's dream was to achieve greatness and by the cover also to marry a beautiful woman

The Great Gatsby is in orange in the cover of the book and orange symbolizes energy and happiness so i feel like is was a real lowkey way of introducing Gatsby's character

Thursday, February 16, 2017

metacognitive ch 6-8

Ch 6
" my siblings and I would muffle our laughter as mommy dug into hymns with verve and gusto"

It seems as though the mother is trying to fit in to the "Black culture" that she has taken up and I think it would be amusing for any child to watch their mother try hard to fit into a culture she didn't grow up into. It could be similar to how Rachel and I laugh at our mom all of the time when we go to mexico or mainly Spanish speaking places because she speaks minimal Spanish but she thinks french is super close to Spanish so if he speaks the little Spanish she knows in a french accent the people will understand her. 

" is jesus white?"

I've asked the same question many times. Over the years I've had many conversations and arguments with friends and family over this question but I've also come to realize it doesn't really matter. We shouldn't base whether we believe or if we do believe over Jesus's skin tone. no matter what the color of his skin the messages still ring true of course to a certain extent.

" Jesus wept... when we got home, mommy beat Billy's butt"

This part of the book made me laugh a little bit not because the mother beat him but because all he could say or did say was Jesus wept. When I got confirmed and the pastor was reading all of our confirmation verses everyone  had a really long and what I found very boring verses about loving your neighbor or feeding people or Jesus rising and my verse was Jesus wept. A lot of people at my church hate me because they thought i was trying to be funny but in reality in all of my years being alive I've never been much of a church person but the two things that have stood out to me were Jesus wept and Jesus died because those seem to be the only humanly things hes done in the bible.

Ch 7
"I didn't know the ku klux klan from cracker jacks..."

I really didn't think much of this quote other than she has black children and a black husband and she didn't know of the KKK who could have potentially and would definitely have hurt or killed their family. 

"he joined the army and got killed in World War II..."

That was the most sad thing i have ever read in my entire life. I can only imagine how she felt when she heard the news. That is part of the reason I don't want to go to war and why i wish there wasn't war because they are there one day and then you get the news that they are injured or dead. its the worst thing I feel that could happen in a family is hoping that they live and make it back and then the next day you hear that they are dead.

Ch 8
"Prison stew"

I mom has gotten into a habit of trying to make new things or recreate restaurant foods from scratch and "prison stew" would describe some of these things perfectly.

was helen the first child daring enough to try and find her own  way?

these sibling fighting reminds me quite a bit of whenever Rachel and I get in a fight. it get ugly fast. ususally it isnt physical but the cursing and throwing things part is about the same